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Digital Marketing
Getting your business online is only the first step in the digital landscape.
To reach your prospective audience, it needs to be marketed effectively.

Digital Marketing is knowing your audience, identifying their problems/needs and providing them solutions.

We build unique tailor-made strategies to suit your business ambitions and target audience.
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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is NOT JUST KEYWORDS.
It is a technique to help your prospective customers to reach you through various search engine queries and keywords.

It is an iterative process that follows a bottom-up approach, starting from your domain name to the blogs you post on third party websites.

We take care of all the aspects towards a successful SEO strategy: technical (permalinks, titles, headings and more), on-page content optimization and building links through blog posts and submissions across the web to gain authority - keeping in mind the demography and geography of your audience.
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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is NOT about creating VIRAL CONTENT.
It is about being where audiences are - where they hangout, and give them what interests them - to like, share and connect with you.

You don't need a profile on every social media platform you can think of, rather be where audiences are active.
Example: A fashion boutique does not need a LinkedIn Profile while it's absolutely necessary for a digital agency!

We will put our efforts in creating relevant social profiles, developing image banks and post repositories and scheduling posts well monitored through custom editorial calendars.
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Content Marketing

Content is 90% of the internet.
It is what we will be optimizing for search engines, sharing on social platforms, delivering in emails, and analysing in Analytics.

The type of content you share can make or break your overall digital marketing efforts.

It can be a blog post, a podcast, an infographic, or a video, based on how your target audience consumes the information.

Creating quality content and distributing it to the right audiences is what drives a business towards a successful digital expedition.
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is building relationships and maintaining them.
It is the first thing that an average person checks when they wake up and the last thing when they sleep.

Email marketing will help in generating new leads for your business and delighting your existing customers for long term associations.

We will set up Mailchimp, Typeform and other accounts to build and manage email list, automate the email processes and also create custom email templates for campaigns and surveys.
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Google Analytics

Marketing analysis is an iterative process, best managed with Google Analytics.
Setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goals (SMART goals) is the key to a great analytic strategy for your content.

We’ll continually iterate on our initial ideas accommodating the reports generated through custom dashboards we build for your strategies and goals.


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